Self Harm


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Sexual Abuse


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Workplace Stress

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Magi Winmill-Hermann
Human Givens Practitioner & Psychotherapist

"Counsellor? Psychotherapist? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? Hypnotherapist?"  It can be difficult to know where to find help and what exactly is the right help for you? I understand this, and I understand that you may be battling with waiting lists, referrals or conflicting advice from friends or family about how to feel better.  

I will listen without judgement and together we can work to plan your way out of the complications you find yourself in, find ways to cope better and help you

get your life on track again.

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Panic Attacks

Self Harm


Emotional Instability


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"Thank you so much for guiding me back to who I am!" 

Client Aberdeenshire

"Whatever it is you are struggling with go and see this woman, can't recommend her enough.”  Judy, Aberdeen


“I came to see Magi after trying many different types of counselling to try and overcome childhood challenges and traumas. Magi was fantastic and offered a refreshing approach to support. Rather than going over old, familiar ground, in just two sessions she helped me to find my own strength and resilience so that these patterns were  more manageable and I could focus on enjoying life.“  

Client, 38, Edinburgh

"Just brill. Quickly felt there was hope in breaking old habits. Refreshing and liberating approach. Thank you!" 

Client, Stonehaven

“I felt very at ease, Magi was intuitive and made me feel calm and relaxed while I spoke about challenging difficult circumstances in my life . At the end of the session the relaxation technique really improved my perspective on things.”  Angela, Stonehaven

"...helped me overcome a range of symptoms and has diminished issues that seemed at one point insurmountable!"

Andrew, Newtonhill