1.   Emotional Needs

All our needs are expressed as emotions.  This is true for our physical needs and it's what drives us and motivates us to act.

Having our emotional needs met in healthy balance will ensure our optimal emotional well-being and mental health.  Our emotional needs are:

  • Security — safe territory and an environment which allows us to develop fully

  • Attention (to give and receive it) — a form of nutrition

  • Sense of autonomy and control — having volition to make responsible choices

  • Emotional intimacy — to know that at least one other person accepts us totally for who we are, “warts 'n' all”

  • Feeling part of a wider community

  • Privacy — opportunity to reflect and consolidate experience

  • Sense of status within social groupings

  • Sense of competence and achievement

  • Meaning and purpose — which come from being stretched in what we do and think.