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Raising money for the Haven Wellbeing Fund

Raising money for the Haven Wellbeing Fund. It was lovely to be out in the community as part of this local event and sharing with people all the great work The Haven does for Wellbeing in Stonehaven.

We want everyone in our community to benefit from our wellbeing opportunites. We set up The Haven Wellbeing Fund so that anyone who wants to come to The Haven is able too. The Haven Wellbeing Fund covers a 1/3 of the cost, the Session Holder reduces their fee by a 1/3 and then the person wanting to attend pays a 1/3. Over the past two years numerous people in our community have benefited from the Haven Wellbeing Fund whether it be children needing access to counselling quickly, supporting training for people who can offer their talents in the community or ongoing support for those who face chronic longt-term health conditions. This is in addition to the monthly free sessions we offer to ensure long term community wellbeing support.

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