"Magi’s work with me has been of true benefit to my mental health, has helped me overcome a range of symptoms, and has diminished issues that seemed at one point insurmountable.  Where other modalities of therapy failed me, Magi’s modality of therapy, whilst involving at times challenging work, has produced far reaching benefits for me.  Magi has shown a professional level of care and understanding, whilst also being flexible and accommodating with the delivery of her therapy sessions."  Client 50, Stonehaven

“I had a single session having suffered trauma as a teenager and it had resurfaced lately.  I've tried many forms of therapy over my life time but this just seemed to be the one.  I was very unsure what to expect and was super pleased to find out I did not have to repeat my story again to another therapist.  Magi is a kind, gentle, giving soul with real empathy and a deep understanding of trauma and how it affects the mind.  I feel so much lighter and have felt finally the past seems to be staying there ."  Client 45, Stonehaven

"I definitely feel a huge improvement with myself.  Magi understands my feelings and has great ways of dealing with different emotions."

Client, 36 Aberdeenshire

“I came to see Magi after trying many different types of counselling to try and overcome childhood challenges and traumas. Magi was fantastic and offered a refreshing approach to support. Rather than going over old, familiar ground, in just two sessions she helped me to find my own strength and resilience so that these patterns were  more manageable and I could focus on enjoying life.“  

Client, 38, Edinburgh 

"Life changing help and advice. Speaking with Magi has really helped me through a time when I felt pretty lost.  I hadn’t really dealt with some grief issues and after using medication for a third time, I saw Magi’s advert and decided to give speaking to someone a try. It has been one of the best experiences and I just wish I’d done it much sooner.  For the first time in a long time, I feel quite positive dealing with my issues.
Magi really has helped me to make some crucial changes in my life."

Client, Stonehaven

“Having grief counselling with Magi was such a  positive valuable experience for me, having never had counselling or therapy before I was very wary . Magi immediately created a safe secure environment and just talking about how I felt to someone other than family and friends in itself was a cathartic process. Magi is a patient, calm, intuitive listener, and her skills, the ideas, methods and  exercises, along with her wisdom used in the sessions were extremely useful tools for me in my most overwhelming period of grief. Magi has helped me move into the next phase of my grief, I feel more prepared and able to cope. Thanks so much Magi , I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your support and help.”

Client, Aged 52

"I like how dynamic the sessions can be and how different techniques can be used depending on what is needed"

Client, Aged 39

 "I feel every session was so important to my progress and can't say enough positive things about the whole process" Client, Stonehaven