The Human Givens Approach

  • At its core is a highly empowering idea – that human beings, like all organic beings, come into this world with a set of needs. If human beings' physical and psychological needs are met healthily and in balance, they are more likely to be free from depression, psychosis or addictions.

  • Like all living things, human beings need to take 'nutrition' from the environment in order to survive, grow and flourish. This is as true of our physical needs as it is of our emotional needs.

  • The physical and emotional needs that we have are not the only human givens – nature also gave us innate 'guidance systems' to help us meet our needs. We call these 'resources'.

  • The Human Givens approach gives us a clear framework of what all human beings need to live mentally healthy and fulfilling lives – based on a solid understanding of the essentials needs and resources we are all born with, whatever our circumstances or cultural background.

  • The approach is brief and solution-focused, aiming to help individuals regain control over their lives as quickly as possible.

  • It uses clear, jargon-free language which makes it easy to understand the causes of distress.

  • Encourages you to use your own volition and empowers you by helping you to understand symptoms, as well as what you need to do to avoid difficulties in the future, whilst also developing effective strategies to help you cope.

“The HG approach is informed by NICE guidelines and the evidence upon which they are based"… "the approach is a bona fide treatment that significantly contributes to assisting service users in primary care to move towards recovery.”

The British Psychological Society evaluation of  the

Human Givens Approach (2011)