2.   Our Innate Resources

Nature has given us innate resources to help us get our needs met.  These are:

  • The ability to develop complex long term memory, which enables us to add to our innate knowledge and learn

  • The ability to build rapport, empathise and connect with others

  • Imagination, which enables us to focus our attention away from our emotions, use language and problem solve more creatively and objectively

  • Emotions and instincts

  • A conscious, rational mind that can check out our emotions, question, analyse and plan

  • The ability to 'know' — that is, understand the world unconsciously through metaphorical pattern matching

  • An observing self — that part of us that can step back, be more objective and be aware of itself as a unique centre of awareness, apart from intellect, emotion and conditioning

  • A dreaming brain that preserves the integrity of our genetic inheritance every night by metaphorically defusing expectations held in the autonomic arousal system because they were not acted out the previous day.